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Hömluholt is located in Snæfellsnes, only 115 km from Reykjavik, or approx. 30 min driving from the town Borgarnes.
In Hömluholt lives the couple Gísli Guðmundsson and Helga S. Narfadóttir, along with their daughter Jófríður Kristjöna Gísladóttir.

Facilities for the horses are very nice.  There is a barn which can hold up to 16 horses along with an outdoor practice paddock.  To accompany the farm, are very nice riding trails which can lead quickly to the beach, which is a very nice place to ride.

To check the tides of the ocean please go to

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    Welcome to the Hömluholt web - Eyja- and Miklaholtshreppi - Snæfellsnesi 311 Borgarnes, Ísland. Phone: 435-6800 / Fax: 438-6926 e-mail: gisligu@simnet.is Gísli gsm: 894-0648 Helga gsm: 894-3090 Guðný gsm: 895-6380