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New pictures of our horses

We finally updated the pictures of some of our horses

Hömluholt from another perspective.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYkiV_CdbIQ   Not long time ago Guðjón Emilsson came to visit us on Hömluholt and made this incredible movie for us. We thank him very much for that.

An impressive performance from Hringur of Fellskot

The one stunning young stallion inhibition Holt Created using past some of the young stallion show was shown on 28 March. Congratulations Fell Shot Family and chin you all the ground. 28th March. In 2010. Young stallion Hrossaræktarsamtaka Thyme was Olfusholl. Audiences were not many but folarnir were very equal and cool. Construction began at Reviews. 15:00 and then started at ...

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