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New pictures of our horses

We finally updated the pictures of some of our horses

Hömluholt from another perspective.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYkiV_CdbIQ   Not long time ago Guðjón Emilsson came to visit us on Hömluholt and made this incredible movie for us. We thank him very much for that.

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    Welcome to the Hömluholt web - Eyja- and Miklaholtshreppi - Snæfellsnesi 311 Borgarnes, Ísland. Phone: 435-6800 / Fax: 438-6926 e-mail: gisligu@simnet.is Gísli gsm: 894-0648 Helga gsm: 894-3090 Guðný gsm: 895-6380